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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Adventure begins and a whole lot of randomness!

It's here !!!!  Mark and I have been having discussions  and praying about this for soooooo very long, like years. I am still in a little unbelief that it is actually happening.

I really want to write downs some more of our process and ways we believe God showed us we were supposed to adopt so when we get back and we are in the trenches. I can remember .

I read recently ..... That just because something doesn't turn out they way "the world" thinks it should doesn't mean that you weren't supposed to do it or that you were out of Gods will. ( sorry I don't remember where I read this so can't give credit.)

A few weeks ago I was really struggling with fear and panic ! God brought to mind a Steve green song " God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

I have had this song in my head  and. The fear dwindles and the excitement increases.

God answering prayers!!!
    These boys ! 

When we first started discussing adoption with the three youngest boys they were immediately excited and immediately convinced they would have and wanted an Asian brother. Mark and I had been talking and praying, researching  along time before we even brought up the subject so we knew we didn't qualify for China. I was convinced we would have a African little Girl. I told them the only way they would get an Asian brother was a miracle of God.
And here we are .
Wow! I pray that the boys remember.... God answers prayer!!!!

The puzzle is complete ...... So crazy ... God answers prayer !!!!! He does more than we can ask or imagine.

Here is the token luggage shot!
So any of you that have traveled with us .... Remember tour books?
I put together books for the "Journey to Adam "
It has color pages, journal pages,
random fact about China. Did you know that China invented toilets but only Emperors use them.

I heard that it is easier to blog than to use Facebok so I will try to do better at this blog thing 😁 during our trip, even if I just post pictures!

More soon.

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  1. Love it! You and Mark (and the rest of your family) are true examples of being trusting through all of this! So excited for all of you! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. Love the journal books, sign of a true homeschooling mom!