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Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's catch up !!!

We have had Adam for six months !!! I can't even believe it! He is doing amazing !!!  It feels like he has been with us forever!!! He has been speaking English for a while now.  There were a few specific words  like" Me la shoo" (Mickey Mouse ) that he held on to for awhile and I was really sad when he stopped using it! (He loves Mickey Mouse by the way )! He seems to be attaching well, but continued prayer in that area would be great. My goal is to go back and fill you in on the last six months but for now let's stay current.

There is a Christmas card still coming, I promise!!! This fall was a blur, fun !!! but a blur, when I didn't have cards ready by Thanksgiving I knew it wouldn't happen till after Christmas ..... I have tried several times to sit down and write our annual letter  but this has been a year where it's just hard to put into we are always so busy...I could write a book  ( or blog )!

Here is recap of what's been going on just since December 31st!

News Year Eve !!! Balloons ready to drop!

32 New Years Eves !

The last few years the older kids have had a "lock-in" at church for New Years Eve and we have a quiet night playing  games and eating fondue and crab.This year started out similar ....we let Ashton pick a game .... he picked Life! ( Guess who won? ) The youth had a party but it ended around 10:00 so some of the college kids came over  to ring in the New Year ! We had a blast!

My friend Becky has spent New Year's Eve with us since we moved away from the Bay Area !

Adam didn't quite make it till midnight.

New Year's Day, Adam woke up with his eye swollen shut. There wasn't  a doctor or after hours clinic open for miles, so we ended up at the ER. Along with a biz zillion other people.

We spent 4 or 5 hours hanging out in the cafeteria waiting to be seen for pink eye! 
So we made the best of it and built things out of straws.  
Which was a hit ....we even had the security guard giving us input.

Showing off his Mickey Mouse play house chair a friend from church got him.

Adam's first time playing in the snow (we think?)
His words   " I like snow"

About 30 minutes from our newest home is a great place to go sledding and play in the snow. The last couple of years there hasn't been any snow we took advantage of the great winter weather we have been having.
These pictures are from two different trips.

Adam loves church and  "his class"!

We started back to co-op this week, I am teaching a Hands on Art History Class.
Here we are  experiencing what Michelangelo  might have felt while painting the Sistine chapel.

Kids sang in church !!! Ashton is so good with Adam!

We put on a deacon appreciations dinner!!!

This happens when I go to bed.....Teenager.... Always hungry....... Learning to cook for survival .....

So much life happening ..... To be continued.......