Tribal Pride

Friday, March 28, 2014

What have we been up too?

   I was going to share what we have been doing adoption wise but we have had such a crazy month. I decided to start with family life first. I was looking in my phone for a specific picture and realized we have done so much in the last month and a half. I 'll start with the boys (Aaron and Aidan )birthday . They started their celebration with their best buddies from the Bay Area coming for a visit for the weekend.They had a great time hanging out , playing video games ,card games,four square,laughing etc. Bonus for me one of my best buddies came to visit too!
At the end of February ,Aidans actual birthday,we had friends over to celebrate them. So fun!
The next weekend ( our weekends our Thursday night thorough Saturday ) # lifeinministry# lol., Mark and I hoped on a plane to Southern California to see Austin in his first play at Vangard as an actor. He was amazing! Bad spray tan and all 😃

      We have been going to basketball games, started baseball practice ,had our first bible drill.

We were planning on having a low key birthday for Mark but as a TOTAL SURPRIZE !!!!!!  Our friend Becky,flew Amber home for the weekend! It was Awesome !!! We knew Becky and Joe were planning on coming up, they were going  to come straight to Ashton basketball game Sat. morning. So the game had just started, they came walking in, all of a sudden I said "hmmm did Joe bring a friend with him? ;) wait a minute that's Amber !!!!! " It was AMAZING !!!! Screaming ,crying, etc.

       Last week the choir from Vanguard was on tour for their spring break. We were fortunate to have them at our church for their only stop in California! So we were able to have Austin and 6 of his friends from school stay at our house! ( 3 guys ,3 girls). It was a blast! The kids that stayed at our house were Amazing! They played and included the 3 little boys in everything, basketball, archery, teather ball, video games , Just Dance, trip to Curly Wolf. And they squeezed all of this in about a five hour time frame. The next morning the Choir led worship for two services.They were amazing and the spirit of God was felt. The church fed them and they were on their way. After they left it was very sad ,much like the day after Christmas. :(

This week I have been dragging (hmmm wonder why?). We had Ashton's basketball party, church, dentist appointments, and Alice in Wonderland play staring one of our kids at church.
Really have to go do something else for a  while . 😃 Have blessed week !